A quest for self-love

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About the book

Asiyah, a twenty-two year old university student, is ready for love and eternal happiness. Being a rather simple girl herself, she decides to adopt the ways of her fashion-forward older sister, Zahra, for better chances to meet ‘the one’—sounds simple, right? Not quite. Asiyah soon learns, through a series of heartbreak, disappointment and frustration that it takes courage and sincerity to find the soulful love she seeks. Searching for happiness therefore takes Asiyah on a challenging journey to acquire what she realizes is the most important prerequisite of happiness: self-love.

Will Asiyah be able to look past all the imperfections she sees in the mirror and truly love herself? Or will the power of materialism and the desire for perfect beauty risk her chances of true happiness?

Highlighting the importance of self-awareness along the winding road to happiness, Asiyah is the story of a woman growing into her own skin while balancing cultural expectations and personal beliefs.